Who We Are

We create alternatives solutions for medical equipment
  • Compatible Probes was founded in France, at the edge of two worlds: medicine and engineering. Our team consists of medical doctors and passionate engineers with extensive industry knowledge.

  • Our work is about better understanding the needs of healthcare professionnals, and providing them adapted solutions they cannot find on the market.

  • We developed with our partners a first product line in 2019 centered around ultrasound probes compatible with the most common ultrasound systems. Our products stand out for a high quality and durability at the best price.

  • Our company is expanding at a worlwide scale and a growing number of healthcare professionals are expressing interest in our products and our business model. We are conducting several projects to extend our product range in 2021.

  • We are engaged in reducing the environmental footprint of the medical industry, and providing a better access to medical equipment for developing countries.

Compatible Probes

Our first product line

How it started

Ultrasound systems are valuable assets for most medical specialities to establish or confirm a diagnosis. While the central processing unit has proven to be a durable element, ultrasound probes tend to fail more frequently, usually after a few years in service.

The acquisition of such systems represents an important one-off investment for healthcare professionals. But the ownership cost of an ultrasound machine during its lifecycle can be even higher due to recurrent and expensive probe replacements.

In developing countries, this issue is of significant importance due to higher acquisition prices for technologically advanced medical equipement, and lower budgets in the public and private medical sector.

At Compatible Probes, we have decided to offer an alternative to standard products. We partnered with established suppliers in the medical industry to develop high quality ultrasound probes at a competitive price - in average 50% lower than the market.

  • 1 year warranty
  • Durable materials
  • Extensive product testing
  • Quality inspections
  • Certified suppliers
  • Traceable products
  • Worldwide support
  • High resolution image
  • Plug-and-play
  • Our next product line: Endoscopy

    With a rise in the prevalence of pathologies related to the gastrointestinal system, demand for endoscopy equipment has increased significantly over the last years.
    Such equipment being specialized and expensive, we're working on a solution to bring in new products dedicated to gastroenterological operations.

    Our next product line: Medical Spare Parts

    In case of a failure in their medical equipment, healthcare professionals are often making the choice of replacement instead of reparation.
    This decision, caused by the over-pricing of medical spare parts, leads to an increase of the medical waste and a negative impact on the environment.
    Our objective is to make medical spare parts more affordable at a global scale, to help healthcare professionals maintain their equipment for a longer time.


    What our customers say about our products
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